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That was JANUARY, then

It's the end of the year. And, like everyone else, we've decided to regurgitate a load of old stuff and call it a review of the year.
In January, we were...
» ALERT at the first appearance of Daniel Macpherson as PC Cameron Tate in The Bill.
» APPALLED by the lyrics of the new A*Teens single. (""You love "Grease" baby - I love "Snatch". But even so we're a perfect match")
» TEARFUL at the nuptials of slutty sister Chrissie and chunky doctor Owen in Holby City.
» ENTRANCED by the notion that Jo out of S Club 7 was sticking all of her lolly into the fruit machines at the local bingo (“My back’s not too good so gambling is all I can do." )
» CONCERNED by the continuing non-appearance of Ce Ce Peniston in the charts. If she doesn't re-release Finally at least once a year, we automatically suspect foul play.

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