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Amazing things about Tuesday, December 16:
» The first issue of "Scouting For Boys" was published in 1908. Oh, the potential jokes! Oh, the potential defamation claims!
» Don't know what to get your loved one this Christmas? Try plastic surgery - 2000 marked the biggest body-altering spree in history, with £40m being spent on tweaked parts in Britain.
» The Bank of England delivered £1m to the Millennium dome to be featured in the Money Zone in 1999. Fools! Didn't they know any money that entered that place was never to be seen again?
» The owners of a Derbyshire hotel were celebrating the fact they were getting their cleaning done for free. Former housemaid Ella returned to make the beds, mop floors and press trousers. But where had she returned from? Only the blinkin' grave!
» A list of memorable British adverts was published in 1999, placing the Bob Hoskins BT adverts at number one spot. Nope, us neither.
» The Beastie Boys wrote to a New York newspaper apologising for the homophobic views expressed in their earlier work. Three cheers for the new found Bufty Boys!
» Mamma Mia! Benny Andersson from out of Abba is 57 today! Christopher Biggins is 55 (see, he gets everywhere), and former moody Eastender Joe Absolom is 25.
» Pantomime of the moment: Aladdin at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln. Appearing are David Griffin from Keeping Up Appearances, and former Emmerdale actor Frazer Hines.
» Festive fact: An artificial spider and web are put on Ukrainian Christmas trees to bring good luck.

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