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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Wednesday, December 10:
» Japanese scientists claimed in 1998 that exposing fat legs in mini skirts toned muscle and burned fat. And make your thighs look like two uncooked sausages trapped in the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, we presume.
» Speaking of bulging thighs (no, not the good kind), it was reported on this day in 1999 that a woman had fallen from a stockroom stepladder and impaled herself on a helium cannister. The gas saw her left leg "swell up like a balloon". Yuck!
» The first Now That's What I Call Music album was released in 1983, heading straight to number one in the album charts. Its track listing included Temptation by Heaven 17; Karma Chamelon by Culture Club, and (Keep Feeling) Fascination by The Human League.
» Festive fact: The skin on the neck and head of a turkey changes colour when it's distressed or excited. But please take our word for it, and don't go distressing/exciting any turkeys. They've got enough to worry about at this time of year as it is.
» Pantomime of the moment: Aladdin, at the Forum Theatre, Billingham. Runs until January 9, 2004, featuring Airport's Jeremy Spake.

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