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Thursday's Low Points

The stuff you won't want to miss today.
» Twice Around The Daffodils 1.05pm, Channel 4 ... Cheerful not-as-rude-as-Carry-On comedy about four men being admitted to a sanatorium for TB sufferers, with hilarious consequences.
» That's So Raven 4.30pm, ITV1 ... Our TiVo (the one that thinks we're gay) seems to think that we might like this, for some reason. It stars Raven-Symone, who was the cute little girl in The Cosby Show after the original one got older and considerably less cute, and is also a veteran of Hangin' With Mr Cooper.
» EastEnders 7.35pm, BBC1 ... Dirty Den fucks Phil Mitchell up the arse (metaphorically, of course).
» Queer Eye For The Straight Guy 9pm, Living ... An unsophisticated farm boy gets a makeover courtesy of a pack of friendly homosexuals.
» Is there something else we should be watching? Click on the comment link.

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