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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Friday, Oct 3:
» The first case of "mad cat disease" was reported in Liechtenstein in 1996. We're don't know much about the disease, but we're steering clear of cat burgers just to be on the safe side.
» Sticking with Germany, it was reported in 2000 that an electricity firm in the country was employing a man to stand under power lines and scare off overweight birds, because the fat fuckers were breaking the cables and causing blackouts.
» Meanwhile, back in Blighty, The Duchess of York blamed her weight problem on her strict upbringing. The strict upbringing of her hand to her mouth, presumably.
» It's National Courtesy Day today. So please let's remember to be Thora Thank-yous, and not Mary No-manners, everybody.
» Happy birthday to: Jimmy Savile (77), the increasingly buff Seann William Scott (27), and Neve Campbell (30). Scream star Neve turned down a role in Armageddon because it clashed with filming for the utterly, utterly dreadful Party of Five. Go figure!

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