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Career oblivion on the horizon

For some celebrities, fame is a fickle mistress. And, for others, fame is a constant fucking bitch of a mistress.
Take Mel 'C', for instance. Just weeks ago, she was snootily laughing off any suggestion of a Spice Girls reunion to concentrate on her wildly successful solo career – and we all know what happened to that, don't we?
Now, 'C' must suffer the ignominy of being pitched against celebrity supercad James Hewitt in an Olympics-style reality TV show.
In Channel 4's The Games, the Z-list will be dredged for micro-celebs who are willing to demean themselves in a series of events, including swimming, throwing and lifting (although dropping would surely be more appropriate for 'C').
Joining Hewitt and 'C' will be such showbiz titans as Porter, Davro and out-of-Steps, as well as that Ruth who used to be in Hollyoaks and her from Merseybeat.
Keep the month of September clear, as you will need to be in front of your TV for the duration.

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