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Oh Lord

Like most other internet users, we find ourselves swamped by a daily deluge of spam emails telling us, variously, that we need to lose weight (well, maybe a couple of pounds), get intimate with buxom farm girls (rather unlikely, but perhaps they have brothers) or somehow develop a bigger penis (we already have a tried and tested method for that, thank you very much).
Just lately, though, some kind spammers have decided that our souls need saving (presumably as a result of all the farm girls and penis enlarging), and have offered us the chance to buy genuine Lourdes holy water at low, low prices.
We are promised that the holy water on offer is both "drinkable" and "good" and that it has miraculous healing properties. What with one thing and another, we decided we could do with some spiritual refeshement (as Tizer, presumably, doesn't count), so we clicked on the link and prepared for a miracle.
Almost immediately, though, our suspicions were aroused by our browser redirecting to www.deception.com, which doesn't really do a whole lot to disguise the spammers' fraudulent intentions, does it? No.
And so, our thirst for spiritual enrichment must go unslaked for yet another day. To tide us over, we will go to the shop later and buy some vodka, to see if we can drink our way to heaven some other way. Failing that, it's back to the penis enlarging. Again.

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