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Cutting it

The time was, plastic surgery and other such bodily jiggery pokery was reserved for the fading movie star; the wrinkling screen goddess struggling to remain forever 25.
Nowadays, it seems everybody's at it - including the blokes.
Mr Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, is rumoured to have had his fair share of alterations, and even Cliff has talked of the helping hands he grabs hold of to remain The Peter Pan of Pop*.
However, we're somewhat confused over reports that ageing crooner Barry Manilow has had surgery to the majority of his face - but not his famous nose.
So what other missing-the-point surgeries can we expect our celebrities to undertake? Victoria Beckham booking in for a session of liposuction? David Dickinson having his skin tattooed orange?
We say the scalpel stops here! We like our idols looking wrinkly and cuddly in their old age - facial expressions make all the difference!
Just think back to the fabulous Golden Girls. Surely it would have sent shivers down our spines had we seen four tight-faced wrinkle- free pensioners sharing Botox needles instead of cheescake in the kitchen.
*He apparently doesn't like Botox because it made his eyebrows feel saggy. Did nobody tell him that to be Peter Pan you just have to believe?

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