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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about July 30:
» We're outrageously stupid! Admittedly, that fact is not exclusive to July 30, but it's particularly appropriate today. That's because we put today's facts up yesterday by mistake. Never mind, that means you get to enjoy them all over again.
» It's The Beano's birthday today. It was first published in 1938.
» Debbie Gibson previewed her summer tour in 1991 ... in her back garden!
» Mel C slammed her old pal Geri Halliwell's music as 'hollow' in 1999, saying it did not come from the heart.
» Can it really be only three years since Craig David was at No.1 with Seven Days? Yes. Yes, it can.
» The late Ted Rogers, who hosted incomprehensible Dusty Bin gameshow 3-2-1, was born on this day in 1935. Other celeb birthdays include Kate Bush (45) and Lisa Kudrow (40).

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