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Day 3 (without) the Big Brother House

Sixty-four days, 13 housemates, even fewer interesting challenges, and it's all over.
Friday came, the housemates went, and now there's a definite void in our lives.
Despite our view that this year's series has failed to deliver, we couldn't help but feel a little bleary eyed when the last of the housemates left their residence of the past nine weeks*.
Okay, so we may have got the eviction order slightly wrong, but we were right in saying that Steph would be the first of the final four out of the door, and Ray a comfortable second.
And while the disappointment on the faces of Steph and Scott was clear as their names were read out, our favourite Oirish chappie was quick to congratulate a clearly stunned Cameron on his win.
Back in Orkney, hundreds of islanders gathered in Stromness to watch the final moments on a big screen.
Thankfully, for those of you who couldn't be there to sample the atmosphere, the website for weekly newspaper The Orcadian managed to get across the facts that truly mattered in its report later on Friday, as the following snippet illustrates:

"We work at Argos Bakery," said 18-year-olds Jenna and Nikki - just two of the supporters gathering outside the townhouse.

Straight and to the point. what more could you ask for? We're sure Cameron will heading straight to Argos to thank Jenna and Nikki for their support, and perhaps even buy a loaf from them for their troubles.
As much as we want to feel cheated by this year's series, we have to admit the countdown to BB5 starts now. Only another 300 (or so) days to go!
And because we can't quite tear ourselves away from BB just yet, we'll be bringing you a daily isles-related fact in an occasional feature which we call What Would Jesus Do? (In Orkney).
Expect the first one later this evening.

*Sort of like getting a Knight Rider watch for Christmas, then realising you can't actually talk to KITT, but despite the disappointment still feeling crushed when it stops working altogether, even after changing the battery. We speak from experience.

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