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Never stop reaching (for the dictionary)

We're delighted with the return of Fame Academy. Not because we want to watch it, particularly, but because we enjoy reading the inane feedback from viewers on the official BBC messageboard. We are happy to report that "Gary is soooooo fit", and that there was plenty in the first show to make you LOL.
Particularly insightful was the contribution of "Linzi", who said she was "GLAD TO SEE INTELIGENT PEOPLE VOTIN". We would be glad of that too, Linzi, especially if they could spell "voting" property.
"Not only because i thinks its fantastic but because the people who watch it and vote are inteligent!," she argued, somewhat unconvincingly. "not like people that vote for big brother! in my opinion the voting on last nites show was correct! they were the 3 best perforances! and i think the best 4 got in! yes l'donna was good but she was shakey! once again! thank u to all the inteligent people that no how to use there votes! and spend there money"
Yes. Thank u to all the inteligent people, indeed.
Happily, there is Fame Academy Bitching Thread at lowculture's own messageboard-that-says-Popjustice-at-the-top-but-it-is-ours-honest, where the level of debate is much more entertaining ("I thought LaDonna would be voted in because people would feel sorry for her for being so fat").

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