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Must have been crazy, baby

Hands up who remembers Jemini, the UK's comedy Eurovision Song Contest entry of a couple of months ago? Nobody? No, we thought as much. Suffice to say, they actually existed, and were not, as many hoped, a dreadful mass hallucination.
Anyway, you may remember that the lovely Jemma and Chris had a spot of bother with their name – they even thought they might have to change it because a US hip hop group had used it first. In fact, they were even called Jemani for about an hour and a half before someone realised it was a silly name and changed it back.
We're delighted to be able to give the perky twosome some good news, for a change. For some reason, representatives of the US Jemini have got in touch with us with surprising information:
"I'm writing from the USA to gain some information about this group from Liverpool. It seems from the information I've gathered so far, this group changed their name to Jemani after hearing of a USA hip hop band owning legal rights to Jemini. Well they were wrong, The group here is called Jemani, they have been since 1999. I have not come across a site or address for this group in the UK, however, if you have any information, I would appreciate it, as we are trying to locate them to let them know."
Well, who would have thought it?
We would love to be able to share this exciting news with our Jemini (as they can now safely call themselves), but they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. So if you happen to see them at the job centre or wherever, just run up, give them a big hug, and tell them lowculture says everything will be OK after all.

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