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Stupid mistake

At a time when we desperately needed a bit of sunshine in our miserable lives, hopes were running high here at lowculture towers for the new Gareth Gates single.
The signs were good, ie:
» Gareth has been looking hotter than ever.
» It's called Sunshine.
Unfortunately, the single itself is bad. This is because:
» It reminds us of Kavana's Crazy Chance (and, to a lesser extent, Kavana's Crazy Chance '97).
» The video marks the first recorded instance of a popstar being wet in a video and not looking better for it.
» It's no Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake), is it?
» I mean (that is to say, we mean) it DOESN'T EVEN HAVE BRACKETS (IN THE TITLE).
And, furthermore:
» Is that a fucking MULLET? And not even one of the 'new' mullets! It's just ... a mullet.
They're just taking the piss now.

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