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Show us yer woggle! (etc.)

Things are beginning to liven up in the Big Brother house now that the tasks are coming thick and fast.
After the tug of war event that left (roughly) half of the housemates in the garden and half in a hidden party room, the next challenge for the team sees them take on the role of Cub Scouts for the next few days.
The group has bet 65% of their food budget on completing the Cub Membership Test, and the Cub Camper badge.
As well as this, the housemates will be called up at two-minutes notice any time between 8am and 8pm to don their jumpers, neckties and woggles to be ready for parade.
After Federico's lengthy pestering of Big Brother with his Avid Merrion/Sean Connery impression, we're wondering if the invisible voice will be sadistic enough to blow the whistle while the cocky Scot is "hevving a sheet."

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