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What the jiggins?

Amazing facts about May 8:
» It was revealed that more than 50,000 people applied to be part of the second series of Big Brother on this day in 2001.
» This time last year, research showed that Europe was turning its back on cultural pursuits, with people favouring watching TV instead. In Britain, two thirds of people never went to the theatre, a sports event or a concert. We like to think we're doing our bit to make these figures even worse in the coming years.
» In 1976, Abba were on tour in Australia, where one in four inhabitants owned a copy of their greatest hits.
» A row erupted after 16-year-old Charlotte Church was voted Rear of the Year of 2002. The newspapers ran lots of stories about how disgraceful it was – accompanied, of course, by plenty of pictures of an obliging Charlotte presenting her arse to the cameras.
» Gary Glitter is 59 today. He's been very quiet of late – whatever can have happened? Also celebrating is one-time rubbish TV star Gary Wilmot, who is 49. He's doing a lot of work in the theatre. Apparently.
» George Peppard – Hannibal from The A-Team – died on this day in 1994. We hope he's smoking a big cigar dressed as a crocodile in heaven.

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