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Thursday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Murder, She Wrote 2.35pm, BBC1 ... The wedding of Jessica's nephew is interrupted by the murder of one of the guests. Seriously, if she was your auntie, would you invite her? No, you wouldn't.
» Bad Girls 9pm, ITV1 ... Set every video in the house! The new series opens with Shell Dockley hard at work as a stripper at the Cabaret Cum Bitch Go Go. She's dressed in PVC and riding a huge rubber penis, so there's really no worse time for Jim Fenner to drop in unexpectedly. And that's before we even get back to Larkhall to see who's alive and who's dead!
» Queer as 18th Century Folk 9pm, Channel 4 ... In-depth investigation into how everyone in Georgian London was bumming everyone else.
» Night and Day Midnight, ITV1 (Not Scotland) ... The Virginity Fairies are back, leaving Rachel even more troubled than usual. The Virgin Army starts to recruit members, while Frankie is wondering whether she's in love with Tim.
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