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Poker dandy!

Amazing facts about May 10:
» Heather Locklear became a Special Guest Star in the life of Tommy Lee on this day in 1986, when they got married.
» Pictures of Brad Pitt, nude and in bondage gear, were published in America to promote his new film, Fight Club. How is it possible that we've not seen these pictures?
» Slade began their first UK tour in 1972, supported by Status Quo. Such was the power of this dream team that some people who were there are still sitting in the corner, rocking gently back and forth.
» Mariah Carey signed her new record deal with Island this time last year. She got 37 free guest appearances by different rappers as part of the deal. Probably.
» Unlikely as it may now seem, Gary Barlow was at No.1 six years ago with Love Won't Wait, a bland Madonna cast-off.
» Homer Simpson celebrates his 48th birthday today. And it's a double celebration over at Chez Bono – he's 43, and his daughter Jordan turn 14. Big Brother has-been (never-was?) Sada is 31 today.

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