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Who wants to be in Millionaire?

As plans for the big screen version of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? scandal progress, lowculture has been considering who should take on the roles of the story's key players.
With it being a homegrown drama, it's only fair it should be some of our own talent that brings the cough-fest to the box office.
We think Anne Kirkbride should think back to when her Corrie alias Deirdre Rachid was imprisoned to play Major Charles Ingram, if only to hear her wail out her classic line just one more time (see pic).
Fresh from her jungle capers, pouting model Catalina Guirado would be well suited to the role of wife Diana. We've seen her swing from happy to furious within minutes, and know she could carry it off on the big screen.
As for Tecwen Whittock, it could only be someone with the smoking habits of Lily Savage (Paul O'Grady, before he quit the fags) who could provide the amount of coughing needed for the film.
And finally, although Chris Tarrant is thought to be considering appearing as himself in the movie, we feel Mike Reid as Eastenders' Frank Butcher should be sitting opposite Ingram in the chair. But then again, we doubt the major would have had the nerve to cheat in front of the Albert Square hardman. . .
Think there are people better suited to the roles? Let us know by clicking on the comment link below.

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