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There are many heartbreaking aspects to the S Club split, not least of which is the terrible fate to which Tina has seemingly resigned herself.
Yes, it looks like poor Tina is set to turn to prostitution. The evidence is there for all to hear in the lyric of her little solo bit in Say Goodbye:
In a year from now,
Maybe we will see each other,
Standing on the same street corner, no regrets.

Don't do it, Tina – you might not be set for a big solo career like Rachel or Bradley, but there are better jobs out there for you than selling your body on street corners, no regrets or otherwise. We hear Tesco are recruiting. And nightclubs are always looking for people to do the coats.
Still, at least if she does decide to become some kind of cheerful high-class hooker, she's got a nice dress to wear.
Incidentally, we're also worried about Paul. When he left S Club 7, he promised us exciting material from his metal band Skua, but the bargain bins remain unfilled. Does anyone know what went wrong? Or, indeed, what went right.

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