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Bad and back!

So, Bad Girls is back and, as a result, we likely to be acting in a slightly mental fashion for the next 16 Thursdays. Our very own High Priestess (Remember her? Mad semi-lesbian? Worryingly into leather?) has bribed us into letting her comment on each episode as long as (and this was an important condition) she doesn't spend every reviewing moment talking about how shaggable Karen Betts is. We live in hope.
This is what she has to say after Episode 1 ...
[Edited to remove 2000 words on how much of a sex goddess Claire King is]. The rest of the episode moved along nicely with Shell Dockley modelling a large penis (you can almost hear the nice peeps at BG going "Lets show Emmerdale how to cover up a pregnancy with style eh?"), Scary Di acting alarmingly in the manner of Cathy Bradford in The Bill prior to discovering Brandon no longer wanted to shag her (Watch your back Neil!), the most inappropriate memorial garden in the world and, possibly most alarming of all, Bobby and Sylvia having their own Tanya and Jason from Footballers Wives parody moment ("Get out of my sight!" SMASH!!!). If this is typical of what we can expect of the rest of the series then bring it on... we can't wait!

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