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Oh, brother!

With the first week in the Big Brother house having passed mainly without incident, we felt it was at least time to update our initial opinions of the 12 housemates.
For those of you not too busy voting for Jon, here's the current lowdown on the contestants:
Anouska: We said the youngest housemate wouldn't be afraid to show what's on her mind. Now we realise she's also happy enough to show ample cleavage and is quite the flirt of the house. Still marginally on the right side of entertaining.
Cameron: Remaining very down to earth, this fudge-packer (No, not like that - see the archives) has proved popular with the housemates and public alike. Still waiting to see if he loses his Orcadian reserve after a late night booze-up.
Federico: Not quite the babe-magnet we first imagined and, dare we say it, a bit pasty. Seems a nice enough chap, but we wonder if he'll be on the nomination list again next week after causing the failure of the pedalo task.
Gos: Despite the odd flirting episode with Tania, Gos has remained one of the quietest housemates. Continues to work wonders in the kitchen.
Jon: Seems oblivious to the fact the everybody falls asleep when he discusses Star Wars/sandwiches/physics words beginning with the letter P/anything. Will leave the house tonight. Let's see how long Davina can feign interest in what he says afterwards.
Justine: A real sweetheart. We thought she'd be blubbing every other day as she has never spent so long apart from her mirror-twin sister. Should last well into the competition.
Nush: Has gone way up in our estimations. A genuinely nice person who seems to get on well with everybody. We like her so much now, we won't even be upset if her easy-going character turns out to be nothing but an act and she starts backstabbing everyone.
Ray: Ah, Ray. Ray-Ray-Ray-Ray-Ray. We like him even more now that his shorts keep coming down with increasing frequency (see pic).
Scott: Doesn't seem nearly as dour as we first imagined, and there is a definite cheeky charm from the Scouser. Wonder if all that will change as the pressure builds.
Sissy: Still not too sure about Scott's fellow Liverpudlian. She'll need to keep on top of the sunscreen, though, as the lobster tan is starting to look painful. At the moment, we don't imagine her making the final three.
Steph: We're disapointed Big Brother didn't provide extra booze to get the flatmates rat-arsed during Steph's birthday this week. She's a grower, and we think she'll grab more of our attention as she comes out of her shell. And she must have some Bad Girls-type prison stores to reveal yet.
Tania: Much more reserved than we first imagined, and a lot less vain, too. She claims to have grown up over the last few years, and we're inclined to believer her. Still has the glamour factor.

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