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Flamin' Nora!

Amazing things about May 3:
» Today's top birthday boy is Peter Duncan (49!) who presented Blue Peter and got bitten by a nasty green thing in a hole in Flash Gordon. Notable for being the first Blue Peter presenter to get his arse out on children's tv (although the present pair strip off nearly every week, so that's not such a novelty now). Sandi Toksvig, who will forever be Ethel from No.73, is 45. And washed-up singer Mark Morrison is 31, but nobody cares.
» It was on this day in 1997 that Katrina and the Waves won the Eurovision Song Contest with Love Shine A Light. As all of you should know, victory has eluded us ever since, and we don't expect the dreadful Jemani or whatever the fuck they're called now to win it this year.
» Speaking of camp-as-tits boy/girl singing duos, this time last year, H was banging on about how he and Claire were a much classier and more mature partnership than Steps. The most crucial difference was, of course, that Steps actually sold a few records.

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