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More Crossroads shocks

Incredibly, Jane Asher was not the first choice to play scheming superbitch Angel Samson in Crossroads
New Bad Girls girl Stephanie Beacham has revealed she was originally offered the part.
She claims that she knew the revamped soap was doomed from the start, and that she had already played a legendary soap bitch (Sable from The Colbys and Dynasty), so she didn't want to retread old ground.
"I was asked to do Crossroads, but I said no as it wasn't interesting enough financially for me to pursue it. In hindsight I think I was a very clever girl," she crowed to Teletext.
"You need an Aaron Spelling if you're going to do a Dynasty-style parody. Jane has never done a bitch before and she probably thought it would be fun, but it didn't work.
"For that high camp style you have to be emotionally truthful. When I was in Dynasty as Sable she meant every word she said. You can't mess about."
Well, quite.
Steph joins Bad Girls in a couple of weeks.

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