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Tales from the messageboard

It's going mental over at the messageboard.
If you've not been (and why they fuck not?), here's some of what you've been missing:
» "I myself do like a good decapitation, the ones from Final Destination and the remake of The Haunting spring to mind. However, I think my current favourite is the lawyer getting sliced in half by the glass doors in 13 Ghosts."
» "Hollyoaks should kill Mandy and end her troubled life."
» "Lex Luther though. Grooming. Innit!"
» "Shouting, swearing and taking drugs. Maybe somone somewhere could have got them to stick some drama in. Going out in the street was more entertaining. "
» "I love Lorraine Kelly like she is my mother, and adore her accent. I'd love her to be my cigarette hag and go out on the tiles with her, drinking lambrini with big fuck-off feather boas."
» 45% of you don't give a toss that Ben is dead in Holby City.
» 7% of you have a secret passion for Uncle Beano from Out Of This World
» 40% of you long for the return of the Alessi twins to Neighbours

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