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Monday's Low Points

Don't make any plans to go out today – there's loads of 'em!
» Crossroads 5pm, ITV1 ... What did we tell you? Yes, Oona used the Friday karaoke session to beg Tracey to leave Dave alone with a heartbreaking rendition of 'Jolene'. Today, Oona announces she plans to leave Kings Oak. Don't go, Oon, we love you!
» Today with Des and Mel 1pm, ITV1 ... An extraordinary double whammy of guests today – Gail from Corrie and Gloria Gaynor. They will survive ... but will we?
» Dr Phil 2pm, Sky 1 ... The doc meets a lady who owns 15 cats.
» Holiday 7pm, BBC1 ... The lovely Craig Doyle goes gay for a week with a report from top homo resort Sitges. Bring on the late night uncut version, please!
» Plastic Surgery Ruined My Life 9pm, five ... Maybe it did, but we've got a feeling this programme is going to enrich ours no end.
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