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Janey Mack!

Amazing facts about April 26.
» In the midst of all the tears comes celebration – S Club's Jon Lee is 21 today. Koo Stark, who got her nickname because she was overheard imitating pigeons as a child, is 47.
» It was on this day in 1990 that Danny from New Kids On The Block tripped on a stuffed toy while performing and had to leave the group's tour for treatment.
» Roger Taylor when on a sabbatical from Duran Duran in 1986. A very long sabbatical – he's only just rejoined the group.
» Big Brother contestants Dean (who?) and Bubble (who?) announced that their World Cup single, Standing Tall (what?) was to be released on the same day as Ant and Dec's We're On The Ball. Unfortunately, the passage of time means we've forgotten who was victorious in this clash of the titans.

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