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Ticket sales are running in the wrong direction

Our radio alarm clock woke us this morning with the news that the Popstars: The Rivals tour had been cancelled due to poor ticket sales, and it really didn't seem worthwhile getting up after that.
One True Voice are reported to be "disappointed and upset" about the latest mishap to befall their short career.
Girls Aloud, on the other hand, are more sanguine.
"Being associated with One True Voice was not doing them any favours. They were meant to be touring with One True Voice and the others from the programme but it wasn't selling, nobody was buying the tickets," crowed Louis Walsh.
Yeah, right Louis.
Even the last-minute addition of the mighty Cheeky Girls to the bill could not persuade The Kids to part with £25 each.
Perhaps it's for the best. Anyone who saw Hear'Say's first and only arena tour will surely still be scarred by the memory of Myleene's tits squeezed into tight leather while she belted out Chains, and we doubt very much that our favourite girls and boys could have improved on that.

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