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It's all you have to do . . .

Apologies if lowculture seems a bit distracted. Following Matt Lucas’ star turn as the Shake ‘n’ Vac housewife on last night’s Shooting Stars, the sweet smell of nostalgia soon filled the air.
Those of you of a certain age will be pleased to find our search for the original advert was quickly rewarded with the discovery of the TV ARK website.
Shimmying across the carpet with a carton of salt (in the absence of the scented powder), lowculture soon worked up a thirst.
So how impressed were we to discover the site also included clips for Libby’s Moonshine and Kia-Ora. We were also brought back to the days when a finger of Fudge really was just enough.
Yet we remain thankful that many years have passed since our craving for entertainment had to be satisfied with Look-In magazine, whose 1985 run included a Cannon and Ball cartoon strip. Rock on, Tommy.

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