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Give that boy a slap

Fame Academy winner David Sneddon has flown in the face of popular (ie our) opinion that the cancellation of Scot-soap High Road is nothing short of a national outrage.
"I'm glad it's finishing," he told the Scottish edition of The Sun.
But what has poor old High Road done to attract the ire of the weasel-faced singing muppet?
It's all because he shares a name with High Road's chief villain, Davie Sneddon.
"I've had the mickey taken out of me for years because of High Road," bleated Sneddon jr. "It was always 'Is Davie Sneddon your dad'?
"It got worse when I had a No.1 and people would recognise me in the street and shout out: "Hey Davie - how's Mrs Mack".
"So although it's a dreadful shame for fans of High Road and the actors involved, personally I'm glad to see the back of it - because now I'm the one and only Davie Sneddon."
David - you're officially barred from Scotland, or at least the very tiny bit of it that lowculture owns.

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