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RIP Jason?

So, it's all over, and Jason's brains (such as they are) are splattered across the cold, cold ground.
Yes, Footballers Wives has reached a chaotic conclusion that's left us panting (yes, panting) for more.
It was Jason and Tanya's night as she plotted to humiliate him at their wedding vow renewal ceremony, he plotted to smother baby Paddy, she told him he was a lying scumbag and he gave her a good slap for her trouble. Love it, love it, love it.
And even though we all knew he was going to get punted off the roof at the end, it was still glorious to watch.
Quote of the night - Jason to agent Hazel: "You’re a filthy dyke. You’re sacked."
Anyway, we would like you to enthrall us with your plot ideas for series three. Click on the comment link below and go nuts.

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