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Up above the streets and ... etc, etc, etc

We keep forgetting to mention The Salon, which is a shame, because it can be ridiculously entertaining.
Thursday's programme was a particular treat, when the standard of celebrity clients was finally dragged above the level of Paul from A1.
Not very far above, admittedly, but progress is progress.
First to pitch up was Judi Shekoni, who has cleverly managed to fashion a whole career from a three-week guest spot in EastEnders. She was there for a cut with guest stylist Desmond, who told her that "every time I turn the TV on, you're on it". Assuming the only thing he ever watches is his tape of those half-dozen episodes of 'Stenders, this could well be true.
Also in for the day was Geoffrey from Rainbow, who was having some much-needed beauty treatments, and some major work to his manky feet. We discovered that Geoffrey now keeps himself busy on his allotment, and that his favourite thing to grow is sweetcorn. The highlight of his visit was watching his repeated attempts to do the voice of Zippy - clearly forgetting that he did not actually provide the voice of Zippy and, by the sounds of things, will not be asked to take over any time soon.
Was that the sound of the bottom of a barrel being scraped?
By the way, Zippy was actually given voice by the fantastic Roy Skelton, who also did George and the Daleks from Doctor Who.

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