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The Saviour of TV

If we had our way, multiple Heather Locklears would star in every programme on TV.
Her ability to save ailing shows with her very presence is legendary (Melrose Place, Spin City and even Scrubs, which was already a big hit, have all benefited from her majestic presence).
The good news is that she's finally been given a show that's hers from day one. She's set to star in a new sitcom called Once Around the Park, in which she will play a divorced mother whose offspring are engaged in weekly machinations to prevent their parents reuniting.
While lowculture is glad that she's going to be back on the box, we can't help but feel sad that she will no longer be free to pop across to the UK to save some of our more tired shows.
We would pay good money to see her as a scheming sister in Holby City, Phil Mitchell's love interest in EastEnders or, best of all, a Footballer's Wife.
Got any better casting ideas for Heather? Click the comment link below.

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