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Waterloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to

EDUCATION! Waterloo Road, BBC One, 8.00pm

This series of Waterloo Road has gone down rather well on the forums, so we thought it only right to give it a bit of front page space this week. Over the past trillion weeks we have seen all kinds of exciting action - Teenage marriage and divorce! Potential pregnancy! Mums WHO ARE DEAD! The wonder of Asperger's girl and the Bitch Twins! Zaarah Abrahams becoming famous for being in Dancing on Ice before her character started on the show! The dead baby skeleton story (which was really quite touching actually)! Paedophile rapist supply teachers! Neil Morrissey's son and wife turning up and going away again! The old head quitting in a scandal! The new head also being involved in a scandal! Steph and Coke Zero being awesome in the school musical! A random asylum seeker storyline last week with no build-up and presumably no follow-up! If you haven't been watching, see what amazingness you have missed! (Apart from Mika's eco-warrior plot. That was shite).

Tonight's episode centres on two characters: teaching assistant Davina, and everyone's favourite incompetent slutty French teacher, Steph Haydock. We especially love Steph because we had a slutty languages teacher just like her when we were at secondary school.

Davina's plot sees her caught in the classic love triangle between boring but stable regular cast member Tom and randomly-returning-and-also-a-bit-boring-but-fitter former head Jack. (It's hard to believe, but at the start of this third series, way back in Autumn 2007, Jack was still head of the school) Oh, and in a storyline that in no way echoes former deputy Andrew moving overseas to teach and asking Kim to go with him last series, Jack is moving overseas to teach and asks Davina to go with him. We don't know who she will choose, but seeing as they have established there isn't a lot of chemistry between her and Tom, and they have got Jason Merrels back for seemingly just this episode, we have a fair idea.

Steph's storyline is classic Steph. Funding for her upcoming language lab is withdrawn, so she goes into full-on seduction mode. We like.

Apparently next week is the last in the series, though, so expect various plots for cliffhangers to be set up this week and expect next week to go out with a bang. We're assuming the rumours about this being a possible Neighbours subsitute were unfounded, but now it's hit its stride and become Holby meets Footballer's Wives and especially now Grange Hill is no more, we wouldn't mind if they were actually true...

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