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All white now

CONTROVERSY! Last Orders, BBC Two, 9.00pm

Last Orders is the first in BBC Two's White Season, a series of drama
s and documentaries over the next week that look at aspects of being white and working class in Britain. This topic could well prove controversial, and there has already been a lot of heated discussion about the season ahead of anything being shown. However, with it being the Beeb and all, we expect most of the programmes will be fairly sensitive and thoughtful rather than just inflammatory. (This correspondent is also very chuffed that it is scheduled the exact week her students are looking at race in the media. Result!)

This opener, directed by the man behind September 11 documentary The Falling Man, visits the members of a working men's club in Bradford, and the image of working men's clubs always conjures up memories of Phoenix Nights for us. Any mentions of black bin bags, garlic bread or Japanese alcohol free beer will thus require a DRINK!

The remainder of the season carries on most days this week, with programmes looking at Polish immigrants, a multiracial school in Birmingham, an exploration of Enoch Powell's controversial 'Rivers of Blood' speech, a visit to multicultural Barking and, perhaps the most intriguing, White Girl, a drama about a white girl in a mostly Muslim school, which is on Monday at 9.00pm.

We know it might all be a bit heavy going when you could just watch American Idol or Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach instead, but never let it be said we don't offer you a diverse range of viewing options.

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