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Shut up and Drive

VROOM! Top Gear Night In, BBC2, 7pm

Just before we go on: WOO! Thank goodness last night's result was better than last week's. Go Alesha and Matthew. Woo!

Anyway. We haven't mentioned this series of Top Gear much, but that's not because we are a bunch of gays and girls. Well, OK, we are (mostly), but we refuse to be categorised in nasty stereotypical ways. We can appreciate this programme as much as anyone. No, the reasons we haven't bothered with it are a) we only recently started doing Sunday updates and b) this series hasn't been as good as the last couple.

OK, so Simon Cowell smugging his way to the top of the 'Star in a Resonably Priced Car' was fun, as was Jennifer Saunders coming within a milisecond of stealing the title. Some of the challenges were fun, too, but not anything to compare with the limo task of yore. And the cars were... umm... cars.

Anyway, to mark the end of the series, BBC2 have scheduled comletely unrelated shows featuring Hammond and May (and a repeat with Clarkson in) around the final episode and made it a theme night.

First, and most excitingly, we haveJames May: My Sisters' Top Toys at 7pm, which we are very happy about because we might see some of the toys we used to play with: Major Morgan! Spirograph! That treehouse thing! (which he blows up). Sod the cars, this is where it's at.

At 8pm, we have the finale of Top Gear itself, with David Tennant taking the 'star in the reasonably priced car' challenge. There is also some car stuff, yadayadayada, and the Top Gear awards.

9pm brings us Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel (and there is a film, Viva Knievel! at 11:30pm). In this, Hammond meets his childhood hero, not long before his death earlier this year. Apparently this is a moving portrait that is of interest to people who don't just care about motorcycle stunts. But it's probably even more interesting if you do.

As for Clarkson, he didn't do an interesting one-off doc, so there's just an episode of Have I Got Old News For You, at 10pm, but if you haven't been watching Dave obsessively, it maybe a few months since you last saw this.

Oh, and in case we didn't mention it before: YAY for team Alesha victory!!!

Join us tomorrow for a bumper festive edition... bet you can't wait.

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