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Business news

You will, no doubt, have been as delighted as we were that Mr Udagawa was recently voted the best-loved obscure character in the history of Neighbours as part of the show's 20th anniversary celebrations.

LOWCULTURE has taken a keen interest in all Udagawa-related developments since he appeared to us in a dream in May 2003. Over the years, we have received regular emails from a reader claiming to be Mr Udagawa's PA, promising that he has not been idle in the intervening years, and has shamed a great many couples into marriages of convenience on the bridge at Lassiters since Paul and Gail.

It gives us great pleasure, therefore, to be able to tell you that ace Neighbours fan site Perfect Blend has tracked down and interviewed the great man himself, aka bit part actor Lawrence Mah.

He reveals:

» He doesn't know why Mr Udagawa was introduced.

» He hasn't thought much about his storylines.

» He has no idea why his character was brought back on subsequent occasions.

» He didn't have any particular favourites among the cast, and...

» That's about it!

Actually, he does have some interesting thoughts about what Mr Udagawa might be up to now, which you can read by clicking here. How convenient!

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