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More shouting teens, further daft scenes, celebrity screams*


The law of diminishing returns demands that there must be a further sequel to cheerleading shitfest movie Bring It On. "Bring It On Yet Again" will feature a cameo appearance from singer Rihanna. » Phew! Footballers Wives is not ending after all, despite the rubbish we tried to pedal you yesterday. "Why would we kill such a good thing?" said the producers. Well, why indeed? » I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here is back later this month, and rumoured participants include Sean Wilson (Corrie's Martin Platt), Jenny Frost and David Dickinson. We note with displeasure that, once again, Su Pollard has failed to make the cut. » * And we know this isn't a proper rhyme, but you're not paying for this so you can like it or lump it.

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