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Amazing things about Tuesday, December 23:
» A Madras astrologer was murdered after making incorrect predictions. Three of his clients had become fed up with his errors, so demanded their money back. When he refused, they killed him. We bet he never saw that coming (ba-doom-tish!).
» David Beckham underwent treatment for a strained hamstring muscle in 1999. Hmmm . . . David Beckham's hamstring.
» The BBC began daily news broadcasts in 1922. Phew! Don't old habits die hard?
» Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall was cautioned by police for drug possession three years ago. Yet he remains unpunished for his music.
» Happy Birthday to: Harry Shearer (60), better known as the voice of Montgomery Burns, Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner and Otto in The Simpsons. Oddly enough, it's Bart's birthday too. He's 14. Also celebrating are chat show host Trisha "bogle bogle" Goddard (46), smiley-smiley Carol Smillie (42), and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (32).
» Festive fact: When Saigon fell, the signal for Americans to evacuate was White Christmas being played on the radio.
» Festival of the moment: Night of the Radishes at Oaxaca, Mexico. Nope, not a B-movie convention, but an annual celebration where local farmers carve their largest radishes into sculptures and display them in the town square. A bit like neepy lanterns, then!

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