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Amazing things about Monday, December 22:
» A total of 2,249 manhole covers were stolen from streets in China in 1987. The thieves demanded ransom money for their return. Could the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles have been involved?
» A study revealed that American primetime and daytime TV significantly under-represented large segments of the population, including women, Hispanics, Asian-Pacific Americans, native Americans, the disabled, and the elderly. Hey! We've just had an excellent idea for a sitcom charting the hilarious mishaps of an Hispanic woman and her disabled Asian-pacific American friend and elderly native American neighbour. We're calling it "The Minority Majority" and it'll be screened twice a day (once during daytime, and once at primetime).
» It's three years to the day that Madonna and Guy Ritchie married in Scotland, under the gaze of carefully selected guests, and some guy hiding in the organ with a video camera.
» Happy birthday to: Noel Edmonds (55), former Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross (46), French actress/singer Vanessa Paradis (31), and Brit actor Ralph Fiennes (41).
» Festive fact: If you don't fancy turkey on Thursday, bear in mind Christmas trees are edible (not plastic ones). The needles are a good source of vitamin C, apparently.

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