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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about October 10:
» John Wayne Bobbitt, of penis-chopped-off-by-vengeful-wife fame, released his first porno in 1994. It was called, hilariously, John Wayne Bobbit Uncut.
» Incredibly, Michael Barrymore took the prize for Most Popular Presenter at the National Television Awards as recently as 2000. The evening will be forever remembered as the night Judy Finnigan accidentally flashed her bra at an eager public.
» Ronan Keating upset some people but delighted others by cancelling the first three nights of his UK tour in 2000 to perform with Elton John in New York instead.
» It's a birthday blitz today! Nicholas Parsons, who stars in a Doctor Who DVD we might have accidentally bought this week as a vicar who gets murdered by some demented teenage vampire girls, is 75. Judith Chalmers, who has looked orange at hundreds of holiday hotspots over the years, and even managed to find time to give birth to Mark Durden-Smith, is 67. Sharon Osbourne is 51, Midge Ure is 50, Martin Kemp is 42 and Neneh Cherry is 39. And the ace Jacqueline Pirie, who played Linda Baldwin in Coronation Street, is 28.
» Smash Hits went on sale for the first time in 1978. Happy birthday to them – even though everyone knows that Top of the Pops magazine is now much better. Although their 25th birthday TV show was on months ago, so this fact might well be wrong.

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