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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about October 8:
» Stedman Pearson from Five Star pleaded guilty to public indecency after an "incident" at a public lavatory in New Malden, Surrey, in 1990. Rumours that the "incident" involved some kind of re-enactment of the dance routine to The Slightest Touch were later confirmed as being completely made up by us.
» Ringo Starr passed his driving test in 1964.
» Mel B released what we will generously describe as her first solo album in 2000. It was called Hot. We quite liked it. Well, bits of it anyway.
» Kool and the Gang singer Robert Bell is 53 today. And actor Paul Hogan is 64. In his time, he has been Crocodile Dundee, a TV talent show winner, Crocodile Dundee again, a painter on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Crocodile Dundee for a third time – although not necessarily in that order.
» All Saints were at No.1 with Black Coffee three years ago. It was memorable for its almost complete lack of a tune.
» lowculture's most-hated band, The Thrills, are playing at Manchester University tonight. We will not be attending.
» A much more interesting event is an awards ceremony called The Spammies, which will be held at The Savoy in London this evening. The night is a celebration of spam (the tinned meat product, not the endless e-mails promising cheap Viagra and wives in our area who are waiting to talk to us right now). Who will follow in the footsteps of Neil Fox, who was voted Spam Fan Of The Year last time? Who know? And, indeed, who cares.

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