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My Grimshaw thinks I'm gay!

The countdown has begun for the first gay kiss in the 40-odd year history of Coronation Street.
October 5 will see Todd Grimshaw plant a smacker on the lips of Nick Tilsley (Adam Rickett, pictured) after a boozing session*.
Corrie sources say the episode follows a troubled time for Todd (the lovely Bruno Langley), who has been "wrestling with his sexuality"**.
We're particularly tickled by this because Nick (Adam Rickett) doesn't reciprocate.
We simply can't imagine why Todd would think our Nicky would be a "friend of lowculture". Ahem.
But let's just hope that Todd's Platt-fest ends here. We don't think the world's ready for a Gail Tilsley/Mrs Robinson storyline just yet.
* And here we were, holding out our hopes for Emily and Rita.
** A phrase which now replaces "Doing a Ray". Try slipping it into polite conversation thusly: "Where's Todd?" "Oh, he's upstairs, Wrestling With His Sexuality. That's the third time today."

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