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Big Brother 4's Nush was given an unexpected 16th minute of fame after being mugged on the way home from a night out on the town with fellow housemate Scott on Thursday.
She suffered a nasty injury to her left leg after falling badly in the struggle, with reports saying she had to undergo a seven hour operation to have a metal rod (yuck!) put in place to secure the break.
Now, feel free to call us cynical, but only a few hours after the incident made the news, who should appear in front of the gathered photographers and reporters to express his horror and shock at the incident?
None other than Cameron's Shadow, Gos. It appears the seemingly laid-back chef is taking the same approach as BB3's Alison to keeping his name in the spotlight.
To be fair, Tania wasn't far behind, pledging to keep the media fully informed of Nush's progress before actually entering the hospital.
Nevertheless, we think it's Gos that's making the biggest effort to squeeze out the last few drops of media attention since BB4 came to a close.
Expect him to be back at the hospital in a few weeks for the breaking of the cast . . .

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