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Looking for a new direction?

According to their official website, Calvin of the second generation S Club compares himself mostly to predecessor Bradley of the now-defunct S Club Seven*.
However, we think he is more likely to emerge as first-out-the-door Paul, after spying the young Aberdonian as he prepared to jet off to London at the weekend.
For we couldn't help but notice - in among the autograph hunting young ladies - that the smiley chap was carrying around with him a guitar.
Could this hint at a desire to pile on a few pounds, abruptly exit the group and start his own rock band a la Mr Cattermole? Or perhaps he fancies trying something a little more 'Busted'.
In any case, it would be sad to see the demise of the new Clubbers so soon. Particularly as the threat of an S Club 9 featuring glittery youths aged between seven and 10 doesn't bear thinking about.
*Because "we both wear baggy clothes and are pretty laid back" says the 14-year-old.

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