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"I'm spinning around, being locked in the boo-oot . . ."

We can imagine the cop shop conversation that might have followed worried claims that Kylie was being kidnapped outside her London home the other day.

PC Fudd: Hey, Sarge, we've had a report about a possible kidnapping.
Sgt Guff: Righty-ho, Fudd. Do we have a description of the abductee?
PC Fudd: Er, yes. We think she's about 5" tall, but it's hard to tell because she was being carried horizontally.
Sgt Guff: Any distinguishing features?
PC Fudd: Yes, apparently she screamed with an Australian twang, and had a particularly taut ass.
Sgt Guff: She wasn't . . . naked . . . was she?
PC Fudd: No, no. Gold hotpants.
Sgt Guff: Ah. Anything else?
PC Fudd: Er, yes. The kidnappers filmed the whole thing. In fact, they had to do it three or four times before they were happy with it.
Sgt Guff: Constable?
PC Fudd: Yes?
Sgt Guff: You're a fudd, Fudd.

So, Kylie wasn't kidnapped after all. A lookey-likey was pretending to be the star for a documentary (showing how fantastic her bum looks like even during a crisis situation, presumably).
Now we're waiting to find out where the bobby bothering scenes will appear? If only Crossroads* were still around.
*R.I.P. (again)

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