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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about July 24:
» Lynda Carter, best known for spinning round really fast and turning into Wonder Woman, is 52 today. Also celebrating, in a way, is Joanna Taylor, who was the slutty blonde one in Hollyoaks before the current slutty blonde one, and is now the slutty blonde one in Merseybeat. She's not celebrating being slutty though, because obviously that's nothing to be proud of. No, she's happy because she's 25 today, and will probably get a cake and a big birthday kiss from the freaky lips of Lesley Ash. Hooray! Oh, and Andy, from Big Brother 1, is 27 today. He was, as you might recall, 'randy'. Except not really.
» J from Five denied rumours he was no longer 'seeing' Mel C in 2000. We had totally forgotten about that particular celeb coupling. Looking back, it's hard to imagine we ever gave a flying fuck, either. But we did. And that probably says more about us than it does about them. Unless it doesn't, of course. In which case – who knows? Anyway ...
» ... Speaking of Five, they were at No.1 three years ago, with We Will Rock You. We had totally forgotten about that as well. And, looking back, etc, etc, etc ...
» The Speaking Clock began on this day in 1936.

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