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Leaving so soon?

Way back in the mists of time* we gave you our first impressions of the 12 souls who had entered the Big Brother house.
As the final four (and Jon) prepare for the grand final on Friday, we felt it was time to review our initial thoughts on the housemates, and give our thoughts on who could score the £70,000.
So let's get down to business . . .

*Well, May 23, to be precise.

Name: Cameron
Age: 32
High point: We know he went to Africa, but we warmed to Cam the most only this week, after he descended into hysterics following Scott's Ewar Woowar joke.
Initial view: The fish trader commented he wouldn't mind meeting a wife during his time in the house, but the nearest he got was some coy flirtation with Steph.
We originally gave Cameron a 4/5 compulsive viewing rating, and despite recently being named as the favourite to win, he's gone down in our estimations after revealing gay coupledom does not sit well with him.
We're not sure if this will affect his chances of winning, but for now we're placing him in third place.
Final rating:

Name: Jon
Age: 29
High point: For us, it was when he left the first time.
Initial view: We hoped the Staines boy didn't have a cocky attitude to match his £70,000 wage. We later discovered he didn't have a £70,000, but had the cocky attitude anyway. Things started promisingly with a rating of 3/5, but oh - how things have changed.
As far as we're concerned, the biggest mistake this series was voting him back in instead of Lisa. He promised to stir things up. In reality, all he did was talk to the cameras in an irritating, know-it-all manner.
Things got progressively worse, annoying us the most when he took it upon himself to dictate to Nush how to work the media as she was preparing to lead the house.
Let's hope he leaves the house on Thursday.
Final rating:

Name: Ray
Age: 25
High point: Is it the under the cover action? The constant repremands from Big Brother? Or the drunken slanging matches with the housemates? Probably a mixture of all three, we reckon.
Initial view: Looking back, we gave the systems administrator a 4/5 compulsive viewing rating and said little more than he was cute (ahem).
Although he's flaunted his body pretty consistently since entering the house, his Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde (drunk and silly/drunk and shouty) routine may not have won him as much favour as being simply drunk and naked may have done.
Unless he can pull off something spectacular (make of that what you will) over the next few days, we see him reaching second place at the most.
Final rating:

Name: Scott
Age: 27
High point: It has to be his devotion to Nush, despite the fact he clearly wasn't going to get the relationship he desired. (It's just like us with Justin and Orlando)
Initial view: We're sad to say we found the marketing manager a little creepy - and possibly "A Friend Of Lowculture" - at first, and only gave the scouser a compulsive viewing rating of 2.5/5.
He quickly grew on us with his open mind and commonsense, though, and while not pushing his character to any great degree, we think he has what it takes to be this year's winner.
Final rating:

Name: Steph
Age: 28
High point: We're happiest when we see Steph let herself go and get into the spirit of the themed nights especially. Her increasingly slurry conversations during the Irish theme night were our favourite.
Initial view: She had spikey hair, we said of the former prison worker, but liked her bright smile and gave her a compulsive viewing rating of 3/5.
Her mumsy attitude towards those in the house and the ability to get on with pretty much everyone except Nush saved her from eviction.
However, we fear she may be the first to go this Friday, unless she pulls off another spectacular drunken session along the lines of the Irish bar celebrations.
Final rating:

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