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Whenever you sing like that, we'll go home

Fans of 80s pop star Paul Young (ask your mum) decided nostalgia really was a thing of the past after hearing him sing at Derby's Assembly Rooms this week.
Around 200 ticket buyers, a quarter of all those attending, walked out on the singer only a few songs into the set, after describing his performance as like listening to a "pub karaoke night".
"Paul's voice was frankly awful, and the the acoustics were very poor," said one.
"He used to have such a wonderful, soulful voice, but last night he was trying to sing like Joe Cocker*."
So far, 140 of those attending have asked for a refund on the tickets, priced at the I-still-have-to-eat cost of £18.50 each.
Several fans visiting Paul's website have left disgruntled messages about the tour, which received a similar welcome at a Scottish venue not too far from lowculture Towers last year.
But the gravel-voiced singer's agent said the star had been well received at Derby. "He possibly had a sore throat," she said.
*ask your gran.

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