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We heart Patrick

One of our greatest pleasures in life used to be watching Liquid News on BBC3, but it's been a bit rubbish recently (with the notable exception of the Lorraine Kelly-fronted Eurovision Specials, of course).
So we're pleased to report that it's getting a much needed boot up the TV arse. And – yay! – they're bringing in one of our favourite TV people, Celebdaq's Patrick O'Connell, to be Claudia Winkleman's new on-screen husband.
As anyone who has seen them will know, Patrick's nightly Celebdaq updates are a bite-sized treat in which he seemingly makes it all up as he goes along, talks gibberish and frequently appears to make allusions to the homosexual bumming of male celebrities (although we're sure that's not what he means at all).
Fans of baby-faced Colin Paterson need not weep, though – he's going to be out and about as Liquid's chief roving reporter.
It all starts on July 7, when the show also moves to the new time of 8pm.

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