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Weekend Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss this weekend
» Futurama 8pm, Sky One ... Leela has a strange experience after being stung by some killer bees. This is, as usual, very funny, but it will also have the soft touches among you reaching for the Kleenex, as it's also very moving. Sniff!
» Big Brother 9pm, Channel 4 ... Panic measures continue, as a new housemate is drafted in as part of the latest desperate attempt to make BB4 more interesting.
» Drop! The Celebrity 9.15pm, ITV1 ... Good news for everyone who prayed that Ricardo from The Salon would one day be thrown, against his will, out of a plane – tonight's the night! Presented by the delightfully chunky Mark Durden Smith, who has presided over such notable TV disasters as RI:SE (original version) and Surprise Wedding. Will it be three fuck-ups in a row for Judith's boy?
» Popworld 9.30am, Channel 4 ... Just. Watch. It.
» One True Voice: Pop Go The Rivals? 1pm, Sky One ... Another chance to watch the Popstars also-rans as they slowly unravel.
» Smallville 5.15pm, Channel 4 ... Two great episodes, back-to-back. In the first, Martha is close to death after exposure to Kryptonite spores, and then Clark's destiny is revealed ... by Christopher Reeve!

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